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It’s the start(-ish) of the school year and that means it’s time to wait in line at the packaging center ¬†spend the whole weekend hungover¬†do the only reading you’ll do all semester¬†¬†meet new people! But before the introductions, it’s a good idea to have an interesting tidbit about yourself handy, just to prove to others you’re not boring, pretentious, and/or socially awkward (an Ivy League student? Nahhhhh.)¬†In case you’re still struggling for that one special piece of information that elegantly conveys every facet of your personality, we interviewed a few of your fellow classmates about their go-to fun fact. Let the inspiration begin:¬†

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  1. obviously  

    Stealing the pidgeon story

  2. Sad alum

    aramael is surprisingly mellifluous for a computer generated name...

    also can you please tag all college talks videos as such coz its hard to look for them

    also bring back bwog weather

  3. for sure  

    now i wanna name my kid arameal just to annoy this guy's parents...

  4. Anonymous  

    one day bwog, one day I will actually be on college walk when you're shooting one of these

    and I will have absolutely nothing clever to say.

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