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Bwoglines: Bweaking Bad Edition



Well if your first few weeks of the year haven’t been completely batshit crazy enough don’t worry: Danny Brown’s new album “Old” is available for stream on Spotify starting today.  It actually leaked last night but no one seemed to really care; we wonder what major media event super ceded Danny Brown.  (Consequence Of Sound)

Yesterday, House Republicans sent out a set of demands in order to keep the government running past today.  Senate Democrats are rejecting this proposal, hoping for complete capitulation on the part of House Republicans.  Senate Dems may have been a little preoccupied last night. (NYT)

Okay guys even The Economist has seen last night’s Breaking Bad finale and is writing about it; the world literally just sat and watched as how about meth last night.  (The Economist)

Apparently college students don’t really like to or know how to use email.  It’s SCIENCE, BITCH. (NYT)




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    @Fuck y’all should proofread before posting things…

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