This is what I think of when I think of CCSC

After the first two CCSC meetings of the year were consumed by long-term goals, the first half of this meeting was concerned with updates. Importantly, the council clarified they were not given a say in the changing of the off-campus sign-in policy. The council also gave class by class updates:

  • The Class of 2014 is choosing its class speaker
  • The Class of 2015 wants to get alumni mentors in specific fields to come once a month. Also, the apparel for their class will be class cardigans.
  • The Class of 2016 is working on the “Major Discovery Series”

Two issues from last year came up after the class updates. First, there was talk of a task force focused on the relation between CCSC and ESC, with the possibility of combining the two institutions. The task force has not been created yet, but higher-ups are still looking into it. Also, “open course evaluations” is still in the works. Administration has approved it, and Deantini supports it, but CUIT is still working on implementing it.

The major topic of the evening was sustainability. ESC has a sustainability representative who attended the meeting and works as a liaison between the Office of Environmental Stewardship (OES). Currently, the representative and the OES are working on many projects:

  • Getting housing together to coordinate sustainability
  • Making sure campus clubs planning events are given information on sustainability
  • A one-sided printer full of scratch paper for clubs to make fliers
  • More different types of recycling bins (like for batteries) around campus instead of just in Lerner

The council then suggested some sustainability ideas of their own:

  • Telling people that the bins that accept cans and bottles also accepts rigid plastics
  • Using Action Card – a green waste disposal system Barnard has
  • Make the laundry machines more energy efficient
  • Making sustainability a community effort with “score cards” that turn going green into a competition

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