This week may be the first week of classes, but Columbia has more to offer than just academics alone.  So whether you’re into acting, singing, dancing, or just want to try something new, Bwog is here to make sure you’re aware of all the auditions going on this week.  But don’t forget to look up the Facebook events for further information.  Good luck!

A Cappella-

  • Auditions September 3-5 from 8-11pm in Hamilton Hall

Columbia Ballet Collaborative (CBC)-

  • Auditions September 7 at 2pm in Barnard Studio 1

Columbia Bhangra

  • Tryouts Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th from 6-10 pm in C555

Columbia Musical Theatre Society (CMTS)-

  • Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
    • Directed by Emily Feinstein
  • Carousel
    • Directed by Shelley Farmer
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    • Directed by Mariana Benjamin
  • Auditions and Interviews for all shows will take play September 3-5 from 8-11pm in Hamilton Hall

Columbia University Ballet Ensemble

  • Auditions are September 8 and 9 at 7 pm in Barnard’s Studio 1

Columbia University Players (CUP)-

    • A new play by Sarah Sander
    • Directed by Lilla Goettler
  • The Maids
    • Written by Jean Genet
    • Directed by Julien Hawthorne
    • Auditions and production team interviews for both plays will be September 3-5 from 8-11pm in Hamilton Hall

CUPAL Special Project

  • Modehouse Six
  • Written by Nick Parker, Composed by Solomon Hoffman, Directed by Katie Cacouris
  • Auditions and production team interviews September 3-5 from 8-11PM in Hamilton Hall.

Fruit Paunch

  • Auditions September 15 at 3pm and September 16 at 9pm in the Broadway sky lounge

King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe (KCST)-

  • William Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part II
    • Directed by David Silberthau
    • Auditions and production team interviews will be September 3-5 from 8-11pm in Hamilton Hall
  • The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)
    • Directed by Rachel Chung

Auditions and Interviews September 3rd 8-9:45pm, September 4-5 from 8-11pm in Hamilton Hall


  • Write and submit a play to Latenite by 11:59pm on Thursday September 12th.


  • Grieving For Fish
    • An original play by Elyse Pitock
    • Directed by Alice Wilcock
    • Auditions for actors and dancers as well as interviews for production teams will be September 3-5from 8-11pm in Hamilton Hall
  • The Gift
    • Original full-length play by Anika Benkov
    • Auditions and interviews September 3-5 from 8-11 pm in Hamilton Hall

Opera Untapped-

  • Auditions September 3rd, 8-10pm and September 7th 5-7pm in Hamilton 716


  • Auditions September 8.  Last names A-M 9am, N-Z at 1pm in Barnard Studio 1


  • Auditions September 3 8-9:30pm in Hamilton and 9:45-11:45 in The Kraft Center


  • Directed by Sophie Solomon-O’Connell
  • Auditions and Interviews September 10, 11 and 12 from 8-11 PM in Hamilton Hall