All weekend, Bwog has been listening to freshmen first-years new students struggle with life, love, and geography. Here’s what we overheard:

“Can you like, test out of PE?”

“…well, first I went to 1020 and it was disgusting, but then I went to Cannons and it was SO FUN!”

“I didn’t think I would get into an Ivy League at all!”

“Are we going to Duane and Reade?”

“I don’t speak very Ivy League, so…”

“I don’t usually go out, but we have to be like, social now, right?”

Outside the Heights: “Why don’t I see any of these girls on Tinder?”

Outside 1020: “I just want, like, a skinny, nerdy guy!”

In a Reid elevator: “My roommate has had a different boy over every night. Like, I’m okay with it, but a girl should really only take so many guys’ virginities.”

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