On a walk back from 1020 at around 1 last night, a Bwogger noticed an ambulance on the corner.  After initially shrugging it off as a CAVA, closer inspection revealed this was a different scene: NYPD was there and there was a grown man on the ground with a neck brace.  The man was, in fact, the one who works at the halal cart on 116th and Amsterdam, next to the Law School.

Public Safety said that two men drove up in a white van, jumped out, and beat up the man.  They were able to drive away without being caught.  Last Bwog saw, the attacked man was semi-conscious and not critically injured–“luckily the assailants didn’t use any weapons.  Just their fists,” our staffer mused.  CUPS said it looked like a robbery, but they hadn’t yet assessed if anything was actually missing. NYPD is apparently on the case.  We reached out to Public Safety today for more information but haven’t gotten anything yet.  If we hear more on this, we’ll let you know.