“Our bookshelf is unlimited”

Lucy Sun, CC ’11, majored in economics and consults for Cognizant Technology Solutions. Lucy Sun is also “book therapist,” something she made up.

Said Sun in an email to Gawker, “Think of ‘book therapy’ as a mash-up between traditional therapy and the wise souls at your local bookstore.” Sun will choose a book with you, read it with you, and talk about it with you (for $30 per hour).

Admittedly untaught in either books or therapy, Sun does note that “the Core Curriculum is notoriously lit-heavy.” Asked by Bwog how much of the reading she actually did, Sun replied, “I did all the Core reading. I went to Columbia for the Core, and I loved the Core.” She added in a subsequent email: “Like, I took fewer classes all throughout college so that I could do my Core reading, is how much I loved it.”

Sun told Bwog that she’s gotten two client inquiries since she put the fliers up two weeks ago: “Mostly, it’s just people talking about the idea of book therapy itself, or the gall I have to propose the idea.”

If you’re interested, “Book therapy sessions take place over coffee or tea in Prospect Heights.”

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