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SGA: It’s Different, Yeah It’s Different



Bwog’s new Barnard Bureau Chief extraordinaire Lauren Beltrone braved the cheery glow of the Diana to report to you from Monday’s meeting.

The first meeting of the semester started off with Renee Kraiem, SGA’s VP for Communications and my lovely predecessor, reviewing the new “on the recond” rule, which holds that tacking “this is off the record, but . . .” to the beginning of sentences means absolutely nothing (does it ever?). So no worries folks, this is as un-censored as it can get.

Newly-elected President Maddy Popkin reminded us that now it’s easier than ever to apply for be part of student government thanks to this new site. The re-vamped website offers all the information one could desire for joining the ranks of SGA. Applications for Rep Council positions are due Friday, September 13th at 5pm.

Next on the agenda was this summer’s health insurance debacle, an issue which President Popkin and a team of reps deftly dealt with before the beginning of the term. SGA went on to address in detail ways to prevent this problem in the future, such as creating a more effective forum for news when students are on summer vacation (besides, of course, checking Bwog). This tangent ended in a debate of the age-old question: is it possible to get a student to read an email in its entirety over the summer?

If your’e skeptical of the strange implications of the new housing policy, don’t fret, SGA is too! They’ve already scheduled a meeting with the advisory board to go over the new policy, which mandates that guests can only stay 3 consecutive nights or 6 non-consecutive nights per month. Say wut?

The Diana wants you to know that the many digital screens adorning her walls aren’t simply decoration. If there’s information about a student activity you want to advertise, contact student services and your message will be read by innumerable bleary-eyed studiers seeking distraction.

Then came reports from each class and committees. The junior class council has a few big events brewing, including but not limited to a revival of the class dinner, a boat cruise night (you heard me), and a video blog to keep those studying abroad informed of Barnard going-ons.

Senior class council actually has some literal brewing involved in their planning. In order to promote unity among class councils throughout the university, these leaders are re-introducing a monthly event called “Lerner Pub.” If you’re a senior and can procure two IDs verifying you’re 21+, you can drink bona-fide alcohol (as opposed to those ginger beers from MoWilliams) while “discussing university-wide issues” with other seniors.

The Arts and Culture Committee is working to renovate the blue room, make Hewitt a little less bleak by putting up some artwork, and organize an ultra cool-sounding “arts and cultures festival” this year.

Finally, VP for Communications Kraiem showed us The New Standard, an initiative SGA approved to promote the institutionalization of voting in the college orientation process. And with that, here’s to a great start to the semester!

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  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Lerner Pub has been a thing for at least the past two years

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Also MoWillies definitely sells beer.

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