A few days ago we got this tip: “Bwog! Sofa stealing is getting out of control in Carman…. I’m too lazy to take pics but come check out the posters in the Carman stairways.” Both the tipster and Bwog were too lazy to check out the posters, but these sort of shenanigans happen every year so we didn’t think much of it. Apparently now, however, one floor’s entire sent of furniture is missing, along with various pieces from other floors. From the email below, we bet some suite is living like Carman royalty:

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you, floormates. As many of you have noticed, our lounge furniture is entirely missing. This whole furniture fiasco has gotten out of control and the RAs are scheduling mandatory floor meetings to resolve the issue.

Tomorrow night at 7pm we will be meeting in the lounge. This meeting is mandatory. If our furniture isn’t back by then, please bring a pillow to sit on.

Hang in there,



Incriminating photo

Update, 4:45 pm: We just received this tip: “I was privy to the couch-nappings in Carman last night and witnessed the ordeal until 6 a.m. Here is a picture that Carman 8 took of floor 13 and some of their loot […] the most salient point is that Carman 13 is the source of the douchebaggery.”




What fresh hell is this?

Update, 6:45 pm: Threats of retribution on Floor 11? Their couch was Saran wrapped and reads “There will be blood”





Update, 8:33 pm: Accusations fly! Vigilantes have posted the below fliers, accusing floors 12 and 13 of all