If only SEAS first years were this cute, am I right??

If only SEAS first years were this cute, am I right??

Bwog’s daring ESC escapades reporter Keenan Albee attended his first meeting of the year, and brought us back this intriguing report. 

Trips to Cali, cruises to Alaska, and waiting in line for nine hours at the MoMA (was the Rain Room really worth it?) numbered among the summer excursions for ESC members, who descended upon Lerner on Monday for ESC’s first meeting of the year.

After snacking it up, it was all down to business. Oodles of freshman are lining up to run for first-year class council, with about forty-five candidates looking to fill only five positions. Polls open 9/23. Some eager beavers have already been collaborating with ESC to attempt to set up a Columbia sponsored math competition for high schoolers.

In celebratory news, SEAS’ Sesquicentennial (say that five times fast) is quickly approaching. Details are vague, but it’ll probably be awesome. Preparations are also underway for TEDxColumbiaEngineering, as well as possible overhauls to the Lerner SGO to make the space more accessible.

On the more WTF, Columbia side of things, it appears 3-2 combined plan transfer students had their arrival day scheduled for the day after convocation—because they shouldn’t have the chance to be convocated or anything. ESC is looking to change this with better representation provided by a new 3-2 rep position. Technical wizards they are, SEAS students will also find that they are unable to electronically add/drop like their CC peers. ESC is on the case.

To complete the round-up:

• The communications committee is aiming to form a Student Affairs Communications Advisory Committee for feedback on ways to advise student affairs to improve communications…committee.

• The student life committee is considering a “Roar, Lion, Roar” rendition competition (that rhymes!), with winners clinching a performance spot during the tree-lighting ceremony.

• A continued push for an open data initiative at Columbia is underway, along with plans for an online events calendar.

• Members met with Dean Boyce to discuss doling out padfolios as a new class gift.

• An investigation into implementation of a SEAS honor code is in progress, with the support of Dean Boyce.

• The first Lerner Pub will be on 9/13 at 10 PM.

• Passport to Columbia, featuring food, loads of student organizations, performance groups, and also food, will be held on 9/21 from 8:30 PM-11:30 PM in the Roone Arledge Auditorium.

• Murmurs of a Columbia makerspace were murmured, ETA about one year. Hopefully more tocome.

The ESC holds meetings (open to all) at 9:30 PM every Monday in the Lerner Satow Room. There will be food.

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