Bwog has received multiple tips that 113th street is crawling with police. Tipster say that they are responding to a student with a rumored mental health issue in one of the Columbia dorms to the left of Symposium. If you have any information, let us know at

Update 2:30pm Public Safety has issued the following email:

Dear Members of the Morningside Community,

Significant NYPD presence at 113th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue. Please avoid this block until further notice.

Thank you,

CU Public Safety

Update 2:57pm Police have taken down the barricades, and traffic is moving again on 113th. Apparently a woman in her 20s, in what we believe was 540 or 542 113th Street (both Columbia apartment buildings administered by UAH) was put in an FDNY ambulance while screaming—it is rumored she had barricaded herself into her room. NYPD removed her from her apartment and put her in the ambulance. No confirmation on if she is a Columbia student or not.

The police line has been taken down, and traffic is moving again. Emergency vehicles are pulling out.

Update, 3:20 pm Public Safety sent this email:

NYPD activity on113th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue has concluded successfully. The street has now been reopened. Thank you!.

Update, 6:06 pm Public Safety has confirmed to Bwog that the woman was a GSAS student in 542 W 113th.  She was emotionally disturbed and removed to St. Luke’s Hospital.