Auf Wiedersehen, seniors

Auf Wiedersehen, seniors

Not one, not two, but THREE free food opportunities await you on this gloriously freezing Friday. Pick your poison, or go to all three. It’s totally doable.

First, you can enjoy both free food and free talent at tonight’s CoffeeHouse Sessions: The Autumn Show at 7 pm in the Diana. Jubilation! and CU Red Cross are presenting, so you can also get warm and fuzzy feelings about supporting a good cause. They boast FOOD and REFRESHMENTS (we are not entirely sure what the difference is). You are also encouraged to break out your coffeehouse beret for the occasion. Some damn talented musicians will be performing — from  groups like Jubiliation to independent crooners like P.j. Sauerteig of Slow Dakota (who just got his album profiled! Talent!). Be cultured AND support the Red Cross.

If that’s not your jam, CAMS (Columbia’s Advertising and Marketing Society) is offering pizza at 7 pm in the Satow Room. It’s their first general body meeting, where they’ll explain the entire advertising industry. Big guns.

And finally, seniors can get their Oktoberfest on. At Revson Plaza (that bridge over Amsterdam you take to get to EC) from 3 pm to 5 pm, CC seniors (sorry SEAS and GS) with IDs can eat bratwurst, drink beer, and talk about the fact that there are 208 days until Commencement. Beer offerings are Corona, Heineken, and Brooklyn Lager, if that influences your decision.

Take your pick, folks.

What the bridge will look like via Wikimedia