Bwog is feeling empowered today!

Aaaaaaaand the government shutdown is finally over!  You can all get back to studying for midterms browsing the USDA website and other such excitement. (NYTimes)

Remember when we interviewed composer and Columbia grad Nico Muhly recently?  Well, he recently had an Ask Me Anything on reddit and was asked the crucial question: oral sex or cheese?  Rather than shutting the asker down, he replied: “it depends on who’s taking it away.” (reddit)

Newark Mayor Cory Booker has just been elected to fill New Jersey’s Senate seat, shutting down his opponent by a roughly eleven point margin.  Bwog digs him because his “Twitter following [is] six times as large as the city he has lead.”  Cool!  (NYTimes)

NSA Director Army General Keith Alexander and his deputy will be expected to leave in the coming months.  #snowdenshutdown (AlJazeera America)

Also, make sure to vote in the USenate elections.  Prove your Student Council wrong by turning out and making educated votes!  Here are the notes from the debate recently, just to help.