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Drinking With Bwog: Midterms Edition

Even Santa has problems with stress.

Even Santa has problems with stress.

Here’s your biweekly Drinking With Bwog fix with JJ Rivera from the Columbia Bartending Agency (CBA). If you think you need more alcohol in your life, check out the CBA class schedule.

Are you ready to secretly curse the sadistic professor who swore their midterm was easy? Are you nervous about how lack of sleep may have lowered your grade from an A to an A-? The clear solution to midterm-induced stress is to have a drink!

The most universally recognized medical advice is that alcohol combats anxiety. The university obviously frowns upon drinking on campus during unsanctioned events. However, there are ways to circumvent this inconvenient policy and minimize the potential of being caught. In fact, several “friends” swear by the following methods.

The Coffee Cup

When you order coffee from anywhere on campus, ask for an additional cup with a lid. Voilà—an instant container for booze! Remember, the coffee cup is great not just on campus but anywhere in the city.

Suit Up

Are you racing from an interview in midtown to a midterm on campus? Then a tie flask is a must! This handy invention allows you to discreetly hide your favorite alcohol while also making a fashion statement. So head over to Uris, buy a Coke, and pull out your rum filled flask to mix a tasty drink.

The Fruit Salad

In true midterm fashion, let’s try a quick question.

Q: What fruits taste great with vodka?
A: They all do!

Chop a few of your favorite fruits (cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, grapes, and strawberries work nicely). Place them in a glass bowl and cover with vodka. After a day or two, pack your “packed” fruit salad to share with friends on the steps of Low Library.

Seeking bears for fun times

This method uses candy (yes, candy!) and requires a little more pre-planning on your part. Buy a big bag of gummy bears (Haribo Gummy Bears work the best), place them in a glass bowl, and cover with vodka. Wait five days. The vodka soak will cause the thirsty bears to double in size and increase in flavor. Enjoy these little treats anywhere!

So whether it’s to celebrate the exam you just aced, or a way to calm your nerves between stressful midterms, having a quick drink around Columbia can be a great way to relax your mind, recharge your battery, and refocus your life.

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