Started packing weeks ago.

It’s almost expected for students to forgo class every now and then, for any number of illegitimate reasons. Professors may even be more deserving of the occasional free pass, especially for work-related absences. However, there must be some kind of limit on how many days a professor can take off, especially in an integral core class like Contemporary Civilizations. Bwog was tipped about a CC professor who cancelled class for the next four weeks while the professor “attends a random conference.”

The students are still expected to do all the reading and work with a postponed midterm, and are additionally assigned a group project.  The professor is offering a make-up session for interested students once he returns.  Even so, consider how much tuition money is wasted for one student skipping one class. $150 per class per student multiplied by 8 total classes missed times 15 students: $18,000. Must be an awesome conference.

Carefree Professor via ShutterStock.