A Straight Flush

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According to a tip, a urinal in the John Jay 5 men’s room is flooding.

The urinal is pissed.
A straight flush.
The biggest leak since Snowden.
Who’s in trouble? Urine trouble!
I hate John Jay.
Fuck this place.
Suck my dick Columbia.

John Jay 5 Men's Room FloodedRemember that you can call Columbia Housing 24/7 at (212) 854-2779 for emergencies like this one.

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  1. really, bwog?  


    • Anonymous  

      you don't care this time because it didn't affect you. but what if that was your bathroom?

      • oh you freshman  

        that guy was right, this happens all the time.

        just because you come from a privileged background and have never dealt with such issues before doesn't mean you need to whine about it to bwog.

        protip: this will happen repeatedly while you are here. shocking, i know.

        and try to take the stairs while you're at it, will ya?

  2. Anonymous

    These posts are really dumb. I am sure the toilet at your house has never flooded before.

  3. JJ5er  

    This is a rather common occurrence here. Personally, I opt to use bathrooms in such buildings as Pupin and Lerner -- honestly, there's a toilet blown up in that bathroom at least 5 times a week.

  4. take your dumps in noco  

    it's a way of'll be so glad that it doesn't smell that you'll never be able to use jj again...

  5. This should be studied in Art Hum  

    Epic picture, really captures the gravitas and intensity of the situation

  6. y'all are disgusting sometimes  

    I think I'm going to graduate with a concentration in finding good bathrooms.

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