Diplomacy is ready for its makeover

Bucket List represents the unbelievable intellectual privilege we enjoy as Columbia students. We do our very best to bring to your attention important guest lecturers and special events on campus. As always, feel free to mention any events we may have missed in the comments section (and/or mock our typos) and we’ll add them. Our recommendations for this week are below and the full list is after the jump.


  • “Cocaine’s Historical ‘Blow-back’ (1900-2010): The Long Road to Today’s Hemispheric Drug Crises” Wednesday, 6:15-7:45, Heyman’s 2nd Floor Common Room, Paul Gootenberg, Pablo Piccato
  • “Foreign Policy Makeover: Women’s Roles and Rights in Diplomacy” Thursday, 5:30-8:00, IAB 1501, Rosemary DiCarlo, Greta Gunnarsdottir, John Hirsch, et al. (Register)
  • “Genes, Children, and Ethics” Thursday, 8:00, NoCo 501, Rayna Rapp, Michael Bérubé, Faye Ginsburg, Rachel Adams

Monday, November 11:

  • “Theory and Applications of Data Stream Algorithms” 11:00-12:30, CEPSR Davis Auditorium, Muthu Muthukrishnan
  • “Exploration and Exploitation of Mycobacteriophages” 12:00, 700 Fairchild, Graham Hatfull
  • “Modeling Multivariate Nonlinear Time” 12:00-1:00, 903 Social Work, Jiancheng Jiang
  • “Poverty and Prosperity: The Challenges of Policymaking in a Globalized World” 2:00-4:30, Faculty House’s Presidential Room 1, Kaushik Basu, Merit E. JanowEric Verhoogen
  • “Chromo-Natural Inflation, Higgsed and un-Higgsed” 2:10, 831 Pupin, Mark Wyman
  • “Posturing: Theory and Evidence from the U.S. Congressional Record” 4:10-5:30, IAB 707, Massimo Morelli, Elliott Ash
  • “Road to higher Tc” 4:15, 428 Pupin, Shin-ichi Uchida
  • “Letting Nonprofits Run Public Transit” 4:30-6:00, IAB 918, Rohit Aggarwala
  • “Sovereign Rating and Emerging Markets – Brazil” 6:00-8:00, IAB 802, Lisa Schineller
  • “The Tango of Death” 7:30-9:00, Harriman Atrium 12th Floor IAB, Yuri Vynnychuk
  • “Accumulation by Dispossession?: Loss, Change, and the future of the Melanesian Pacific Tourism and Fantasy in the Contemporary Pacific” 8:00-10:00, Faculty House 3rd Floor, Paige West

Tuesday, November 12:

  • “Columbia Seminar on Defense & Security Meeting” 12:00-1:00, IAB 1302, Nancy Walbridge Collins, Austin Long
  • “The Totality of Image: Georgian Soviet Realism in Painting, Drawing, and Design, 1919-1991” 12:00-1:00, IAB 1219, Lado Pochkhua
  • “Practical Elegance: Designing programming models for large-scale systems” 12:00, CS Conference Room, Michael Isard
  • “Human Rights Advocacy: Disability Rights in Uganda” 12:10-1:10, Jerome Greene 102, Richard Mukaga
  • “Religious conversion in the Venetian Casa dei Catecumeni and the conceptual boundaries of the notion of fluidity” 12:00-2:00, 80 Claremont 103C, Daphne Lappa
  • “Expanding Public Access to Federally Funded Research: Implementing the OSTP Memo” 12:00-2:00, Faculty House, Alicia Wise, Neil Thakur, Judy Ruttenberg
  • “Population Health Research on Neighborhood Safety and Attractiveness: Recent Measurement Developments and Emerging Associations” 1:00, 114 Avery, Gina S. Lovasi
  • “Beyond Queering the Chain of Care: Affective Feminizations, Biological Investments” 2:30-4:00, Schermerhorn Extension 754, Aren Aizura
  • “Graying and greening in Bangalore: urban ecosystems and sustainability in an Indian city” 4:10-5:00, Schermerhorn Extension 1015, Harini Nagendera
  • “Earth Institute Practicum: International and National Climate Law” 4:10-6:10, IAB 403, Shelley Welton
  • “Selling Russia’s Treasures: The Soviet Trade in Nationalized Art, 1917-1938” 6:00-7:30, Butler 203, Nicolas Iljine, Natalia Semenova
  • “Drones, Teapots, ICBMs’, Type-writers and the Internet: Hacking All the Things for War, Peace, Profit, and Science” 6:10-7:00, IAB 1302, Ang Cui
  • “Migrants, Money, and Moralization of the Present in El Salvado” 6:10-8:30, Schermerhorn Extension 457, David Pederson
  • “Rethinking Immigration Reform: Shifting to Human Rights” 6:15-7:45, IAB 1501, Jagdish Bhagwati
  • “Gandhi (and Marx)” 6:15, Casa Italiana, Akeel Bilgrami 

Wednesday, November 13:

  • “Bursting the Exceptionalist Bubble: Why North Americanists should read Brazilian history (and why most don’t)” 10:00-12:00, 411 Fayerweather, Rebecca Goetz
  • “Colonial Korean Cinema: Love, Identity, and Propaganda” 12:00-1:30, IAB 918
  • “Department of Sociology Colloquium Series” 12:00, 509 Knox, Natasha Warikoo
  • “Suburban Erasure: How the Suburbs Ended the Civil Rights Movement in New Jersey” 12:00-1:30, Lehman Center, Walter David Greason
  • “Education for Sustainable Development” 12:15-1:30, TC HM 140, Morgan Strecker,Allison Anderson, Radhika Iyengar, Oren Pizmoney-Levy
  • “Hadronic Decays of the Higgs Boson: Lessons from the LHC Run 1 and Prospects” 1:00, 705 Pupin, David Lopez Mateos
  • “Columbia Seminar on Defense & Security Meeting” 1:00-2:00, IAB 1302, General Stanley McChrystal
  • “The Changing Landscape of Energy Geopolitics” 3:00-4:00, Faculty House 2nd Floor, General Stanley McChrystal
  • “The Seoul-Beijing-Pyongyang Triangle” 4:00-5:30, IAB 918
  • “Political Violence as a Ground for Bodhichitta Practice Among Tibetan Buddhists in Exile” 4:00-6:00, Kent 403, Sara Lewis
  • “Landscape Offerings: memory and materiality in the rock art of the Canadian Shield” 4:10, Schermerhorn Extension 963, John W. Norder
  • “Progressive Capitalism: How to achieve Economic Growth, Liberty, and Social Justice” 4:30-6:00, IAB 1501, David Sainsbury, John H. Coatsworth, Miguel Urquiola
  • “The Reader’s Eye: Between Annotation and Illustration” 5:00, Butler 523, William H. Sherman
  • “Back to Africa: Free Black Migrations to Lagos in the 19th century” 6:00, Sulzberger Parlor, Abosede George
  • “Human or animal? reading the skin of a bestiary page” 6:00, Dodge 511, Sarah Kay
  • “La Classe de rhéto, Un été avec Montaigne, Une question de discipline” 6:00-7:30, Buell’s East Gallery, Antoine Compagnon, Pierre Force
  • “Decorator: Sweet Home Riots” 6:30, Wood Auditorium, Andres Jaque
  • “Ben Lerner” 7:00, Dodge 501

Thursday, November 14:

  • “Turkey’s Energy Strategy: Regional and Global Outlook” 9:30-11:00, Faculty House Garden Room 2, Memduh Karakullukcu, Alexander Cooley, Jason Bordoff
  • “Moche ceramic whistles: breathing life into narrative” 12:00, Schermerhorn Extension 457, Dianne Scullin
  • “Challenges of Dealing with the Past in the Former Yugoslavia” 12:00-1:00, IAB 1219, Dusan Jovanovic
  • “Photography in the Spaces of Violence: Politics of Witness in Occupied Palestine and Libya” 12:00-2:00, J-School’s Stabile Center Room, Mohammad Al-Azza, Diana Matar, Elissa Curtis
  • “The Swastika’s Darkening Shadow” 4:00-5:30, 513 Fayerweather, Monty Noam Penkower
  • “Revisiting the DNA Double Helix using NMR” 4:30-5:30, 209 Havemeyer, Hashim Al-Hashimi
  • “Zadie Smith: Artist and Citizen” 6:00, Diana Event Oval, Zadie Smith
  • “Mathematics & Beauty” 6:30, Ella Weed Room in Milbank, Mina Teicher
  • “Lecture Series of Japanese Economics and Politics” 6:30-7:30, IAB 918, Hisaji Sakanaka
  • “Social Media News Mining and Automatic Content Analysis of News” 6:30-8:00, Pulitzer’s Lecture Hall, Carlos Castillo

Friday, November 15:

  • “Astronaut Marsha Ivins” 9:00-10:30, CEPSR Building
  • “Mercantilism Through the Ages” 9:30-6:00, Heyman 2nd Floor Common Room
  • “Privacy Preserving Ridge Regression on Hundreds of Millions of Records” 11:30, EE Conference Room, Nina Taft
  • “Social Media in Education” 12:00-1:00, Butler 208
  • “The Ends of the Eighteenth Century” 3:30-6:30, Deutsches Haus, Paul Fleming, Joel Lande, Dorothea von Mücke, Oliver Simons
  • “Creative Conversations: Viewing and conversation about Vector Composition No. 1” 5:00-6:00, Miller Theater, Rafael Vargas-Suarez, Deborah Cullen
  • “Nature/Culture in Film- Serious Scholars talk about Silly Movies” 5:30-9:00, Altschul 202, Marie Levine, Paige West, Joshua Drew, Jeff Sebo, Michael Taussig, Patrick Nason


  • “Reimagining The Cosmos” 6:00-7:30, CEPSR, Brian Greene, Krista Tippett
  • “The Reader’s Eye: Between Annotation and Illustration” 5:00-7:30, Butler 523

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