PrezBo has no one to push him when everyone's gone for Thanksgiving

PrezBo has no one to push him when everyone’s gone for Thanksgiving

Bucket List represents the unbelievable intellectual privilege we enjoy as Columbia students. Aka, you’re paying for tuition and might as well get the most out of it, right? This is a short week because of Thanksgiving break, but the pickings are good across all disciplines.


  • “NYC Summit on Children: Keynote With Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio” Monday, 12:30-1:30, Roone Arledge Cinema, Bill de Blasio
  • “The Flowers are Vexed: Gender Justice, Black Literature, and the Passionate Utterance” Monday, 6:30-8, Satow Room, Imani Perry

Monday, Nov. 25:

  • “Landscape of Cancer Cell Vulnerabilities Downstream of Oncogenic Mutations” 12, 700 Fairchild, Hartmut Land
  • “Prison Healthcare Advocacy Programs in Georgia” 12-1, IAB 1219, Nina Gelashvili
  • “Operating in a Contested Environment: U.S. Advantages in Stealth” 12:15-2, IAB 1219, Col. Robert Spalding III, Stephanie Neuman
  • “Signatures of vector field production during inflation” 2:10, Pupin 831, Marco Peloso
  • “Pinning Down The Neutrino-Mixing Angle θ13” 4:15, Pupin 428, Kam-Biu Luk
  • “From dynamical difference equations to Casimir connections (after M. Balagović)” 5:30-7, Math 507, Sachin Gautam
  • “Rio: The Olympic Legacy Beyond the Games” 6-8, IAB 802, Rafael Lisboa
  • “Memory Works” 6-8, Faculty House Conference Room 2, Marcelo Brodsky, Lorie Novak
  • “Adolf Loos: Our Contemporary” 6:30, Buell Hall’s East Gallery, Ines Weizman
  • “Karrabing, Low Tide Turning” 7:30, Schermerhorn Ext. 754, Elizabeth Povinelli
  • “The Phantom Holocaust in Soviet Cinema” 7:30-9, Hamilton 602, Olga Goshenson
  • “Arts & Sciences in Islam” 8-9:30, Hamilton 517, George Saliba, Aisha HOlland

Tuesday, Nov. 26:

  • “Using SaaS & Cloud Computing to Reinvent Software Engineering Education” 12, CS Conference Room, Armando Fox
  • “Language Investigation in Tolstoy’s War and Peace” 12-1, IAB 1219, Antonina Berezovenkoof
  • “Using Film for Social Change” 1-2, Fayerweather 301M, Rebecca Richman Cohen
  • “Disjoint Dijoins” 3-4, Mudd 303, Paul Seymour
  • “50 years since and 50 meters from The Children of Sanchez: From Culture of Poverty to Culture of Security (Mexico City)” 6:10-8:30, Schermerhorn Ext. 457, Regnar Kristensen
  • “Old Buildings, New Forms” 6:30, Fayerweather 200, Françoise Bollack
  • “Collins/Kaufmann Forum for Modern Architectural History” 6:30-7:30, Schermerhorn 612, Zeuler R. Lima


  • “The Future as Cultural Fact” Monday, 4-5:30, Knox 208, Arjun Appadurai, Saskia Saasen, Richard Sennett, Sudhir Venkatesh
  • “Livy XXI: Historical Aims and Methods” Tuesday, 4:10-5:30, Hamilton 603, Joseph Solodow

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