Mmm, chumburgers!

Mmm, chumburgers!

Bucket List represents the unbelievable intellectual privilege we enjoy as Columbia students. We do our very best to bring to your attention important guest lecturers and special events on campus. As always, feel free to mention any events we may have missed in the comments section (and/or mock our typos) and we’ll add them. Our recommendations for this week are below and the full list is after the jump.


  • “Consequences of the Debt Crisis for US National Security and Foreign Policy” Monday, 5-6, IAB 1512, Robert Hormats, Richard Clarida
  • “World Leaders Forum: America’s European Ambassadors: Diplomacy in Tumultuous Times” Wednesday, 4-6, Earl Hall Auditorium, Laurie Fulton, Philip Reeker, Alan Solomont, et al.
  • “Beyond Nuremberg: The Historical Significance of the Post-Apartheid Transition in South Africa” Wednesday, 5, Faculty House Room 2, Mahmood Mamdani

Monday, November 18:

  • “Frank A. Moretti: A Classicist as Educational Innovator” 9-12:30, Faculty House
  • “Ribosome recycling in bacteria and yeast” 12, 700 Fairchild, Akira Kaji
  • “Self-adjusted mixture sampling and locally weighted histogram analysis” 12-1, 903 Social Work, Zhiqiang Tan
  • “The Evolution of Special Operations Forces” 12:05-1:40, IAB 1512, Admiral Eric T. Olson, Austin Long
  • “Global Oil Market Update” 12:30-2, IAB 1501, Antoine Halff
  • “The Superconformal Bootstrap Program” 2:10, 831 Pupin, Leonardo Rastelli
  • “Data Management Planning” 1-3, Butler 208
  • “Global Jazz: The Italian Connection” 2:45-4, Hamilton 516, Anna Celenza
  • “Pakistan’s New Political Economy? Class, State, Power and Transition” 4-5:30, Knox 208, S. Akbar Zaidi
  • “A Failure to Supervise: How the Bureaucracy and the Courts Abandoned Their Intended Roles under ERISA” 4:10-5:30, IAB 707, Lauren Roth
  • “In proximity to novel physics: Topological Insulators coupled to Superconductors” 4:15, 428 Pupin, Nadya Mason
  • “Energy Subsidy Reform: Lessons and Implications” 6-7:30, IAB 1501, Bendict Clements, Manuel Pinho
  • “State of the Brazilian Economy: the IMF Perspective” 6-8, IAB 802, Joana Pereira
  • “Healer: Design and Reproductive Health” 6:30, Wood Auditorium, Rebecca Gomperts, Merle Hoffman, Laura Kurgan, Hilary Sample
  • “Capital of Accumulation” 7:30, 501 Schermerhorn

Tuesday, November 19:

  • “Signal Processing for Networked Data” 11-1, Davis Auditorium, Jos Moura
  • “Operating in a Contested Environment: Technologies that Counter Air, Sea and Submarine Threats” 12:15-2, IAB 1302, Captain William J. Parker III
  • “Moving the Curbs” 1, 114 Avery Hall, Michael King
  • “Collective Action in Indian Forests and Cities” 4:10-5, Schermerhorn Extension 1015, Brenda Casper
  • “Galen on the Chances of Life” 4:10-5:30, Hamilton 603, Brooke Holmes
  • “Smart Power: Climate Change, Smart Grid, and the Future of Electric Utilities” 4:30-6, IAB 1512, Peter Fox-Penner, Ron Binz, David Sandalow
  • “Panel on Nuclear Disarmament” 5-6:30, Roone Arledge Cinema, Richard Garwin, Robert Jervis, Randy Rydell, Zach Weinersmith
  • “The Politics of Emigration: The Philippine Case” 6, Sulzberger Parlor, Robyn Rodriguez
  • “Contemporary Challenges Facing the Field of Mediation” 6-8, IAB 1512, Alvaro de Sota, Chester Crocker
  • “All the Selves We Have Been” 6:15, Heyman Center 2nd Floor Common Room, Lynne Segal, Michael Taussig
  • “Yvette Christianse, Polly Devlin, & Ellen McLaughlin: Writers at Barnard” 7, James Room
  • “Burning Man, Technology, Religion, and the Future” 7-9, Altschul Auditorium, Larry Harvey, John Perry Barlow, Peter Hirshberg

Wednesday, November 20:

  • “The Nature of Political Crisis and the Evolution of the Political System in Russia” 12-1, IAB 1219, Sergey Markov
  • “Gospel of Freedom: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail and the Struggle that Changed a Nation” 12-1:30, Lehman Center, Jonathan Rieder
  • “Marci Hamilton on: The Oppression of Women by Religious Organizations in the United States” 4-6, IAB 1512
  • “Economies of Excess: Public Debt and Financial Crisis in Historical Context” 5:30-7:30, 411 Fayerweather, David Weiman, Carl Wennerlind, William Deringer
  • “Photoshop Feminism: Belle Epoque Women’s Magazines and the Elusive Triumph of the French Woman Writer” 6-7:30, Maison Francaise, Rachel Mesch
  • “Warrior, Interrupted: David Finkel in Conversation with Steve Coll” 6-8, J-School’s World Room
  • “Why Europe Needs a Magnitsky Law: Should the EU follow the US?” 6-8, Kraft Center, Elena Servattaz, William Browder
  • “At the Intersection of Queer Studies & Religion” 6:30, Barnard Hall, Janet Jakobsen, Elisabeth Castelli, Ulrike Auga
  • “Interpreter: The Kenneth Frampton Endowed Lecture” 6:30, Wood Auditorium, Yvonne Farrell, Shelley McNamara, Kenneth Frampton
  • “Writing: Nonfiction Dialogues” 7, Dodge Hall 501, Geoffrey O’Brien

Thursday, November 21

  • “The Everyday Politics of the Second Economy in North Korea: A Force for Regime Stability or Corrosion?” 12-1:30, IAB 918
  • “Coping With Partition: Wealth, Security, and Migration in Post-Separation Sudan” 12:15-2, IAB 707, Bernd Beber
  • “The Savings Group Revolution: How It Works and Does It Make a Difference? Randomized Trial Evidence from Mali” 1-2, IAB 407, Jeffrey Ashe
  • “What Do Generalizations of the Lewis Signaling Model Tell Us About Information and Meaning?” 4:10-6, Philosophy 716, Peter Godfrey-Smith
  • “Carbon Dioxide Capture and Hydrocarbon Separations in Metal-Organic Frameworks” 4:30-5:30, 209 Havemeyer, Jeff Long
  • “Some Reflections on the ‘Premodern Korean Literary Universe'” 5:30-7, Kent 403, Si Nae Park
  • “The Conservative Revolution in Greece: Austerity Politics and the Future of Democracy” 6-7:30, Fayerweather 411, Konstantinos Karpozilos
  • “Monetary Policy: Lessons from Eight Years as Governor of the Bank of Israel” 6-7:30, Jerome Greene Hall 104, Stanley Fischer
  • “Religion and Cross-Cultural Trade in the Ancient Mediterranean” 7:30-9, Faculty House, Barbara Kowalzig
  • “Of the Poverty of Our Liberty. The Greatness and Limits of Hegel’s Doctrine of Ethical Life” 8, Deutsches Haus, Axel Honneth
  • “’Inequality for All’ Movie Screening” 8-10, Math 417, Dorian Warren, Caterina Musatti

Friday, November 22:

  • “An Elusive Modernity: The Indian Problem and the Agrarian Question under Debate in Bolivia (1936-1952)” 11-1, IAB 802
  • “Simone Natale on The Spectacular Supernatural: Beliefs in Ghosts and Popular Entertainment in the Nineteenth Century” 12-2, 80 Claremont 1st Floor Conference Room, Simone Natale
  • “Liberal Ambivalences: Jurists and the Colonies in the Age of Empires” 12:30-2, 411 Fayerweather
  • “RACE & JUSTICE: Youth and Gun Violence in Chicago’s Southside” 4-5:30, Schermerhorn Extension 458, Sudhir Venkatesh
  • “The Novelist and the War on Terror” 6, Barnard 304, Nadeem Aslam
  • “From the Ashes of Cosmic Explosions” 7, Pupin Hall, Jeremiah Murphy


  • “Feminist to the Core: Elizabeth Castelli” Monday, 12-1, Schermerhorn Extension 754
  • “Conversations on Memory: Literature, Neuroscience, History” Tuesday, 6:30-8, Davis Auditorium, Orhan Pamuk, Joseph LeDoux, Partha Chatterjee

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