"It's almost that time of the year again where relatives give me free shit!"

“It’s almost that time of the year again when relatives give me free shit!”

Bwog is a glass-half-full kinda group and always likes to think the students of Columbia have bright and shiny futures jam packed with happy things to look forward to. So, we stumbled into the But tonight to ask tonight’s patrons what they’re excited about.

Smoker’s Plaza

  • I’m writing a final paper I’m pretty excited about
  • The world chess tournament.. It’s in India tonight (who knew!)
  • Girl: I just got back from an extended Spring break (from London), so I’m excited to be here! Back in NYC!
    Her Friend: I’m excited for her to be back
  • Italian Gelato in January
  • Junior: Graduating and getting out of here (dark)

2nd Floor

  • Thanksgiving
  • Winter break
  • Christmas!!!!
  • My new haircut?

3rd Floor

  • No homework over Thanksgiving break?
  • My upcoming track season
  • Graduation
  • “Nothing” “Nothing, you have nothing to live for?” “Well I just finished some work, so maybe sleep?”
  • “Nothing” “Nothing, you have nothing to live for?” “No.”
  • The end of the semester

6th Floor

  • Voyages
  • The holidays

Somebody took their happy pills via Shutterstock