How you gon be mad on vacation?

How you gon’ be mad on vacation?

James Franco and Seth Rogen’s relationship is just as on point as Kim and Kanye’s. Uh huh, honey. (Buzzfeed)

Go, Book Culture! If any Columbia University area bookstore were going to make the list as one of New York City’s best bookstores, we knew it would be you. (Gothamist)

Lockdown on Monday at Yale after the school received reports of a gunman on campus, and SWAT teams followed. The lockdown was eventually lifted, and might have been a hoax. (NY Times)

Even though it’s only Tuesday and you may have another two full days of school ahead, you should be planning your Thanksgiving approach as soon as possible. Vegetarian? (Rookie)

Short on cashEasily irritableNo Thanksgiving at all? Thought Catalog has your back, apparently. (Thought Catalog)

The actual after-school special via Shutterstock.