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Bwoglines: Sex, Style, and Lady Gaga Edition

Is Gaga logo a Gogo?

Is a Gaga logo a Gogo?

Yesterday, Illinois became one of fifteen states to have passed legislation allowing for same-sex marriage.  This is just one week after Hawaii did the same thing.  As we all know, Gaga is a huge supporter of the movement, and even has a tag for Lady Gaga Gay Marriage on HuffPo. (Al-Jazeera America)

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation yesterday named the winners of its next generation condom contest.  Winners include a condom with pull-tabs for ease of use and one that is made from fish skin.  The latter sounds pretty Gaga-esque to Bwog, plus it maximizes pleasure! (NYT)

Logos are hot, people.  Bwog’s definitely thinking about launching its own line of Bwog t-shirts, sweatshirts, and iPhone cases.  Maybe some new ARTPOP gear? (NYT)

Mourn, Bwog readers. 5Pointz, perhaps the single most iconic location for graffiti and street art in the world, was painted over Tuesday.  We even failed Banksy, whose last message to us was to save the landmark.  Bwog thinks Lady Gaga might care about this, but honestly this is the death of a major landmark coming from very different cultural roots so it’s cool. (NYT)

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