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ESC: Coming Right Up *DING*

Just keep sitting, sitting, sitting.

Just keep sitting there, cause your food is never coming.

Keenan Albee, the funnier half of Ke(e)nan and Kel, brings you yet another recap of Monday night’s ESC meeting. What does ESC stand for? We don’t know, just read.

This Monday brought the latest installment of fun times with ESC, and centered around turning an eye to issues set to populate post-Thanksgiving meeting agendas. Expect word from the Law Library soon on undergrad friendly policy, but prepare for an ESC-backed push for international student need-blind aid and repercussions of last year’s quality of life survey, come springtime. In the meantime, we do mean it’s time to take a closer look at what’s up and coming in this short term.

For starters, ESC’s last meeting of the semester will be this December 2nd, so take off your running shoes, prop your feet up, and have yourself a nice cup of tea on December 9th instead of rushing over to the ESC meeting like you were planning on doing. (You were right? Right?! Bwog gets so lonely.) The Columbia University Competitions in Math, the brainchild of newly-elected freshman council members, will be held this weekend in the Lerner Broadway Room so you can go gawk at high schoolers doing math and stuff. Also expect a deluge of lovely advertising as Treelighting not so stealthily approaches.

Later on, but still on the radar, there are ongoing meetings with staff members regarding grading curve policies and early preparations for this year’s Glass House Rocks, which will be held in February. And now, for the blurbs you’ve always wanted:

  • ESC is prepping their very own version of an amendment supporting CU Dems’ anti-sexual assault initiative, because ESC don’t take no petitions from nobody else.
  • The ESC Director of Technology position is still open—applications are due today.
  • Padfolios are arriving soon and will be distributed to sophomore, junior, and senior engineers. Freshmen, you’ll have your turn next year.
  • The engineering class of 2017 will have their very own class shirts by Treelighting. (Huzzah!)
  • The Anti-Hazing Committee met and discussed raising student awareness of what hazing is—anti-hazing bystander sessions for student leaders are expected in January.
  • A Columbia Dining App is being prepared for possible release in the spring.
  • Project grant proposals were approved by unanimous vote. Expect applications to be available soon.

And there you have it. Bwog out.

ESC meets every Monday at 9:30 PM in the Lerner Satow Room.

If only ever meeting were run by ESC, things would get down, and be weird via ShutterStock

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