Sheetrock falling in McBain was clearly not enough for the Columbia ceilings’ reign of terror over students’ heads. The failure of basic infrastructure continues, causing more destruction of  property/sense of peace/personal integrity, this time in Hartley. Because the one worse thing than sheetrock falling in your bedroom is sheetrock falling in your bathroom, right above your toilet.

For God's sake, the bathroom is supposed to be a sanctuary

For God’s sake, the bathroom is supposed to be a sanctuary

No word on whether the occupants of the unfortunate Hartley suite have been compensated/had their damn bathroom fixed/have been apologized to by Columbia Housing on hands and knees because that is just fucked up. To make this story even better, Bwog’s rumor brigade heard tales of a similar situation in Broadway. Will the terror ever end? Probably not, because #housingproblems. Just hold out till next year, folks! You don’t *really* need a toilet…