"Basically tastes like a soggy Oreo covered in a somewhat doughy shell with vague hints of pancakes."

Late night discoveries: “Basically tastes like a soggy Oreo covered in a somewhat doughy shell with vague hints of pancakes.”

Welcome back. As we sit under the fluorescent lighting of the library, we’re looking back on our weekend with bewilderment and fondness, and hopefully you are too. Here’s a glance at what Columbia got up to over the past few days—and our feature of the night, the 1020 raid of Fall 2013.

Things seen and heard

On the far side of Amsterdam, a drunk guy apparently got arrested in HamDel for not paying his cab fare. 1) Who takes a cab to go to HamDel? 2) We hope that follows him for the rest of his life.

Fucking delis: girl fight in front of Crackdel. Police rolled up. Too many lame spicy special jokes to make.

At 7 pm on Thursday night, there were “literally three people in the Diana reading room right now.” Butler, too was “so empty.” Guess finals aren’t that close yet. Also, go out, tipsters.

But even if you were in Butler at 2:36 am last night, it’s okay: people on the third floor had Insomnia delivered to them at around that hour. #dark.

The Diana strikes again: on the night of the Hillel formal, a studying tipster was interrupted on “three separate occasions…drunk girls from Hillel Formal have come in and talked to us by which I meant sat down at our table and asked us what we’re working on. It was funny…the first time.” Don’t walk into an academic/administrative building drunk on a Saturday night, people. Just don’t.

Friday evening saw a girl in the Carman elevator clearly ready for a party, by which we mean chanting “Bright pink cowboy neon boots! Swaaaaaag OUT!” while punching the close door buttons for the entire ride. You go, girl.

Hopefully not the same person: a girl walks into the Carman vending machine room on Sunday morning and exclaims, “What IS this place? I don’t know how to do this!” If she was discussing the new electronic vending machines, we totally understand.

Apparently, it’s not yet too cold for fashion moves: two girls were seen walking down 116th barefoot, heels in hand. Bwog has already broken out her fuzzy winter boots. Also, diseases.

Sorority puns also abounded this weekend. Overheard by a tipster: “Apparently DG is really cracking down. They don’t want people throwing Gammas.”

Let’s take you to the other side of the park. At an Upper East Side party this weekend, “Snapchat video is ruining the world. It also “smells so much like rum.” Good to know some things transcend neighborhood stereotypes.

A police officer to another police officer during a McBain fire alarm: “Does it smell like fire to you?” NOT VERY OFFICIAL DETECTION UNITS, SIR.

Overheard on an undisclosed Barnard roof: “When you stand up here don’t you feel like you understand Columbia in a different way?” (The view was, allegedly, pretty sweet.)

A still life outside St. A’s on Sunday morning: a crushed can of PBR, a Blue Moon standing on the ledge, the NYT Sunday Styles section, sodden in rainwater.

Freedom, glory

Tipped on Sunday morning:

“Last night.
3 am.
6 men.
Streaking, STREAKING.
From college walk towards but(t)ler (butt naked)”

Bwog just wants to know how the HELL we missed that.

Picture book

What happens at Juilliard parties:

you crazy kids

What Miley was dancing too?

And now, the great 1020 raid of 2013

i cannot with your drunk tips

One tipster sent this masterful image in from the maybe-raid on Friday night. Thanks, guys, you were all super helpful.

Reports came trickling on on Friday night of 1020 being raided by cops. Texted/emailed/drunkenly shouted tips debated whether it was merely a health inspection, or an actual get-your-fake-ass-the-hell-out-of-here event. At one point, a very drunk girl was dragged out, put in an ambulance, and taken to St. Luke’s. Unsurprisingly, things got worse from there.

IDs were checked—wait, no! IDs weren’t checked. No, wait, they were only checked for the drunk girl. Ohhh okay, it’s just a health inspection and they’re over capacity—wait but no, they’re not serving anyone anymore! Fuck, we give up. Moral of the story: deciphering truth from drunk texts is hard.

Rumor has it that 1020 had to pay a $6000 dollar fine, which is just depressing and hopefully doesn’t mean another hike in Yuengling prices. The entire incident proved to be trying for the other side too: an FDNY EMT was spotted grabbing Insomnia before returning to the emergency vehicle outside of 1020. #justdesserts.

Basically, it went like:
Wednesday: 1020 weirdly crowded
Thursday: 1020 overrun with Carousel cast/crew
Friday: 1020 raided
Saturday: 1020 easily bounces back from raid, crowds undeterred.

But they did ask extra tough questions while ID’ing the next night. Brush up, folks.