Bobby K

Robert Kasdin

Robert Kasdin, Columbia’s senior executive vice president and PrezBo’s right hand man, just accepted an off-campus internship. Basically.

He’ll be co-chairing incoming city comptroller Scott Stringer’s transition team, reports the New York Observer. The team “comprises a swath of the city’s most eminent lawyers, economists, academics, accountants, executives and community leaders”—and Kasdin is the boss of ’em!

We reached out to Kasdin for comment, and though we’re crossing our fingers that he gets back to us, we’re not holding our breath.

Finally, in unrelated Kasdin news: late last week he was spotted at Deluxe, reviewing a page in a packet headed “Friction Points.”

Update, 2:32 p.m.: Bwog just spoke with Kasdin over the phone. He says it’s a “part-time, volunteer” engagement—not job—that he’s taking on over the next few months as public service, which he views as a “privilege.” It’ll be mostly nights and weekends, he added, though his time is “fungible.”