but she loved her job

Probably CU’s only true interim dean

Senior Staff Writer Sarah Faith Thompson reports:

At a Student Affairs meeting earlier this afternoon, Terry Martinez, Interim Dean of Student Affairs, announced that she does not intend to seek the permanent dean position.

Once the national search provides a suitable replacement, she said that she would be happier  to continue on in the role of Dean of Community Development. Dean Martinez has said that she loved her previous job, because it allowed her to work more closely with students.

Martinez took over as Interim Dean last Spring when Ke$ho moved on to Johns Hopkins, and recently it was announced that the executive search firm Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates would begin conducting a national search.

With Dean Martinez resuming her work in Community Development, we will be gaining an extra dean, since the two deans who were running that department will both resume their previous dean roles. Martinez expressed her feelings with a great car metaphor in the Spectator: “I like being in the co-pilot seat, where I get to turn the radio and listen to the songs and look at the map and say, ‘Why don’t we turn down here, there might be a nice antique store down here,’ as opposed to, ‘keep your eye on the road, pay attention to everything out there.’” We agree, Dean Martinez.

Poise and happiness via Student Affairs