Bwog heard that there’s a “humongous” fire around 125th 131st Street. Reports say there are a ton of firetrucks on Amsterdam. There is a lot of visible smoke in the area. According to the FDNY Twitter, they are responding to a report of a commercial fire on the roof at 1440 Amsterdam.

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Update, 9:20 Reports note that it is a massive fire at the Associated Supermarket. The fire started in a laundromat next door and soon moved to the supermarket.

Tipster Timothy Goodwin reports, with pictures: “Saw the fire from ec then went over there, from Amsterdam you could see the sign of the building had collapsed to the street. I went into a playground behind a cluster of projects where I could see the back half of the building and 30 ft flames were billowing out of it, they got a fire truck into the yard and they were spraying water on it then the back wall collapsed and the fire got twice as tall. Some gas pipes broke and you could see gas pipes spewing flames adding to the fire.”

Here’s the view from the International House, via Nai Chen Chang:

And more, from Fabien Bar: