This is perhaps the only superwoman who isn’t scantily clad.

The Master of all things Meetings, Lauren Beltrone now brings to the interwebs the latest in the SGA world. Adventure, intrigue and perilous plans ensue. 

In October, SGA asked us how we would spend the $32,000 endowment in way that would help the whole student body. We heard four of the best proposals pitched at Monday’s SGA meeting.

The first presenter proposed building a mini gym on the first floor of a Barnard residence hall (think the gym in Shapiro). While the chosen residence hall isn’t set in stone, the presenter sees 600 W 116th street as the most logistically viable option. She’s rooting for a residence hall that’s not on the quad, not close to Dodge, and doesn’t have an overly large first-floor lounge. If you inadvertently make eye contact with the elliptical on your way out of the building every day, maybe you’ll use it eventually?

The next idea attempts to rectify the ostensibly horrific printer situation for students living 600 W. According to the presenter, the dearth of printers in 600 W causes students to have to go to 616 W to print, which is usually all for naught because those printers are wont to malfunction. She suggests using the money to install more printers in the 600 W or Cathedral Gardens lounge to alleviate this problem. According to her calculations, two printers cost $11,650 and buying new computers isn’t necessary, as we can take ones other well-equipped labs on campus.

The third presenter wants to open a creative workshop on campus—a place where students have access to hand and power tools, workbenches, a 3-D printer, and the like. She spoke about the sense of empowered she felt when she started building things with her hands, and how she believes the workshop could be transformative for Barnard students. If you’ve always dreamt of operating a chain saw, this could soon become a reality.

The final presenter wants to do something everyone Barnard student has thought about at least once: make the Diana roof accessible. Due to NYC roof access laws and regulations, the roof needs to be modified to have some sort of protective paneling. Therefore, the presenter envisions the money going to the installation of Plexiglas panels. Just think of all the Insta likes you’re going to receive.

Once SGA does a vote, the proposal that won majority will be passed on to COO Brown, who has the final veto. Stay tuned to hear the winner.

In other news, the Senior Class Council wants to remind you to check out the new class t-shirt, designed by Barnard senior Tiffany Chow. Sales close this Friday at 11:59pm. Also, the Chicken Soup for the Senior Soul event will be happening this Thursday, November 21st from 6-8PM in the Diana Oval.

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