Eric Foner

This just in, over the American Studies majors listserv: next semester, Foner is teaching Reconstruction “for the very last time,” ending one of Columbia’s biggest academic institutions. The announcement comes just in time for registration at the beginning of next week. Hop to it, kids.

Update, 9:40 p.m.: Professor Foner got back to Bwog with the following:

Next semester is indeed the last time I will be teaching the Civil War and Reconstruction lecture class.  I am easing toward retirement; 2015-16 will be my last year of teaching. The History Department is now in the process of hiring another professor in 19th century US history so I’m sure the class will be taught again before too long, by the new professor.

And here’s that email:

Dear Students:

As you plan your program for the spring, please keep in mind that Professor Eric Foner will be teaching his lecture course on “The United States in the Era of Civil War and Reconstruction” (HIST W3432) next semester for the very last time. Professor Foner is America’s leading historian of this subject, and this course has for many years been one of the most important offerings in our curriculum.

HIST W3432 meets Mon Wed 2:40-3:55pm.

In other words: It’s a great course; Professor Foner is a brilliant scholar and lecturer; you won’t have another chance to take it; so I strongly urge you to sign up immediately.

Casey Blake