We just want it to be break, too.

We just want it to be break, too.

You have a whole weekend to study and that should be plenty, right? You’re going to ace that Monday test because you’re starting to study now, right? Right?!

Bwogline: Bad things happen in Colorado. (CNN)

Finals Tip: You don’t actually have to study as long as you look the part. Wear sweatpants/yoga pants/baseball hats/shapeless clothing. As long as you look miserable, you will do well.

Procrastinate: Make-a-Flake.


A girl was sitting in the hallway talking on her cell phone on the 4th floor of Butler:

“Dad, a ceiling almost fell on a girl a few weeks ago. Yeah. This place needs to be burned to the ground already.”

Counting down the days via Shutterstock