The end is nigh, folks.  In just over 24 hours you’ll either be enjoying one of the most amazing cities in the world (something you’ve probably existed since about mid-November) or you’ll be on a plane/train/car/foot?/vehicle back to wherever it is that you go when you’re not here.  So crawl back in bed with us, we promise it’ll only happen once more, and take a breather.  Hold on, we’re going home.

Bwogline: Ronnie Biggs, some train robber dude, has just passed away.  On the one hand, that’s one less thing you have to worry about, but on the other… what cool dude! (NYT)

Finals tip: It’s winter time. Eat some carbs, fat, and sugar to put on that extra layer of warmth!  Feeling a little less cold will help you wake up for you 9:00 am final tomorrow.

Procrastinate: These are some super dope photos taken from Google Street View.  Prepare to feel stunned.


A first-year (awwwww)  in 209: “Butler is like the 1020 of finals week! I just saw a guy to try to pick up a girl over there…”

And on that note, has anyone been looking at Columbia Admirers lately? Of course you have. “The thirst is real,” guys.

Pitchfork called it song of the year!