the indestructable CU Admirers

the indestructable CU Admirers

The first miracle of the Christmas season is upon us: Columbia Admirers is back. Just in time for the busiest, most stressful month of the semester, aka the perfect time to write some sexually-frustrated anonymous expressions of admiration. About an hour ago, with no warning, Columbia Admirers made this post:

Hey Columbia!

We are back!

For December only, CU Admirers will return for a limited run so prepare your admirations!

Once again, please remember to be respectful and that it’s all in good fun.

So let’s curve those grades and share some holiday love.

the CU Admirers Crew

This changes everything. In its heyday, this campus was obsessed with Columbia Admirers. We watched as people shared their crushes, relationship fears, and deepest, sickest desires. Then, when we needed it most, it disappeared. What will happen to us now that it’s been revived? And what will happen when it leaves again?