This morning the New York Post published a piece in regard to multiple female students’ allegations of having been raped and assaulted by a current Columbia University athlete, and Columbia’s lack of judicial response in both cases. The Post article reports that in the cases of both women, Columbia dragged out the case for months; one woman was denied a hearing, and another eventually lost her hearing and had her appeal dropped after several months.

Columbia’s lack of action in regard to the allegations has resulted in uproar from students groups on campus. A petition was created by the Columbia Democrats in October asking for the university to release more information on reported sex crimes. According to the article, Columbia only has to release the number of reported sex crime incidents once a year, not including any results in terms of discipline. 2012’s sexual assault report cited 16 “forcible” assault incidents, about quadruple the number from the previous year.

From the Post article:

“I [still] see him everywhere, and he can come into my residence hall — he has access to all of the facilities that I do,” said one of the two other women still at the Morningside Heights school.

This situation leaves the victims a single option to seek justice outside of Columbia–go to the police and report the incident. The victims in these cases were not encouraged to go to the police, and when they did, one was told she lacked “sufficient evidence” for the rape. Up until this day, the reported rapist has not been punished in any way and continues to attend Columbia.

If the New York Post makes a post about this, maybe it’s time to clean up the act and get some shit done, Columbia.