submitted for credit toward graduation

Academic work submitted for credit toward an Ivy League degree

Update, 8:30 pm Parida sends us this follow-up message to you, dear readers, to clarify your questions/concerns/finals-induced-rants:

“Hey guys this was a joke. I turned it in and then turned in a real assignment afterwards. Good luck on your finals. Don’t do what you thought I did. That would be bad.”

Parida, CC ’15, submitted four blank pages for her assignment on John Cage’s 4’33”. She actually did that. So Bwog had to ask…

1. Is the attached image of your paper?

Yes, sir.

2. What’s the idea behind it?

I had 4 papers and 3 finals, so I was just like ain’t nobody got time for that.

3. When did you first think of doing this—how long before the paper was due? And did you wrestle with it for a while before pulling the trigger, or immediately decide upon it?

Few days. Then it was just like YOLO! I mean this kind of intellectual risk-taking is certainly what Drake intended, I know it.

4. What grade do you expect to get?

I imagine it’s either A for Art, C for Clever, or F for Smartass.

5. Have you ever pulled a stunt like this before?

Haha, nope. Here at Columbia, I never want to do or turn in anything, but this time turning in nothing was entirely valid, so I was like, yaaaaassssss.

6. Was this the result of some sort of aesthetic revelation, or a crammed finals schedule?

It’s a parody of conceptual art, which I totally can’t stand ;)

7. Think your teacher will go for it?

If my piece is met with any challenge from anywhere, I will simply respond in the haughtiest, most pretentious voice: “It’s Art.”

(She’s actually the nicest person ever, so maybe before failing me, she’ll allow a rewrite (or first write I guess #fauxbadass))).

8. Do you like John Cage?

Oh yeah. Such a cutie. Watch his Youtubes.