This bird has a tweeting problem

Even though we’re barely into winter break, Columbia stuff has happened on the World Wide Web. So.

About a week ago, it looked like Spectator‘s opinion page was handed the same Twitter treatment as we did earlier this month. (If you haven’t yet explored @BwogTheater, you should.) Spec got @CUSpecOpEds, which cut across political lines to ridicule all sorts of Spec opeds. Bwog stupidly forgot to archive the page, but one was, “Hazing was the best traumatic experience of my life.” Incongruously, this page used the Spectrum logo.

Klout-mad Speccies responded on Twitter with varying degrees of humor. But then @CUSpecOpEds disappeared! The account had been suspended!

So we emailed Spec. According to new Spectator editor-in-chief Abby Abrams:

Spectator reached out to Twitter regarding the @CUSpecOpEds account in the hopes that Twitter could ask the account’s owners to stop using the Spectrum logo and to make it clear that the account was a parody by putting up a disclaimer like the @BwogTheater parody account uses. The way that Twitter support works, though, is that you simply identify the account about which you’re requesting help, and then Twitter takes actions as it sees fit. So I don’t know any more specifics beyond our request. I only saw that the account was suspended when you emailed us about it.

(Remember @deantini? Whose best was, more or less: “A joke from your fun dean: two free radicals walk into 1020. Two years later, they can’t find jobs.”)

So there you have it! Reporting Twitter accounts… it makes stuff happen!

Update: A helpful commenter posted an archived version of the Twitter feed.