….why there are so many fucking people in Butler. At 9 am, which is when this photo was snapped. And also at 7:30 pm, which is when this post was posted. It’s still really crowded in here. You may be better off “studying” in bed, where no one can see how often you’re switching tabs to Netflix. Just go home, maybe?

at what point do you talk back to a rodent

We don’t need your sass right now

Get off our damn back, squirrel. We know it wasn’t smart to wait on this 10 page paper till the night before it was due. We are aware that we look like a hot mess right now, and that showing up early to Butler won’t counteract the lack of sleep/vegetables/retention of course material in our system. How many acorns do you have stockpiled for the winter, huh? Cause it’s gonna be a long, cold winter. We hope one of us is prepared, at least.