The Lion just posted that Columbia’s colony of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s charter has been revoked, allegedly over a hazing incident. Sigma Alpha Epsilon has only been on campus since May 2012. Katherine Cutler responded to our inquiry with the following statement:

Last spring, Student Affairs conducted a thorough review of the organization and it was determined that SAE was in violation of several Columbia policies. As a result, SAE’s provisional recognition was withdrawn. Under federal student privacy law, we do not comment or disclose any additional information about specific cases.

This comes in the wake of ZBT losing its charter until 2015. Last month, a Greek member explained the ZBT brothers’ choice to go inactive as a consequence of increasing scrutiny and the Interfraternal Greek Council’s impossible standards and unfavorable policies, which might be the case here. More information as it comes in.

Update (3:40 pm): We confirmed that SAE was taken off the roster at the beginning of the year. The Judicial Board reviewed the case by itself and has, naturally, been close-lipped about it.