bwog's soul swells


It’s late. You’re tired. You’ve been sitting in Butler for hours and it feels like it’s never going to end–and you only just got back to campus. It’s not even reading week but it sure feels like it as you cram to catch up on the last semester. Sure, in merely three weeks this will all be behind you, but right now those three weeks feel like decades.

Don’t you worry child, Bwog knows exactly what you need tonight: the College Walk Lights. The official lighting ceremony isn’t until this Thursday (YEARS from now), but earlier this evening, one enterprising young lady took matters into her own hands.

You see, right there on College Walk—on the CAVA parking spot side of things—there’s an open, exposed outlet right below the dangling light plug. Tipsters report that a girl figured this out earlier tonight while with her mother. She simply plugged the strand in, turning on the light of the front two trees. Her mother snapped a picture. They then scampered away into the night.

So tell us, darling reader: who gon stop you from doing the same?

Image of heavenly sin via Ian Marshall and Malina Welman