Insert shovel

Insert shovel

Everyone is always looking to spice up their sex lives. However, we’re sick of hearing that having sex in the Stacks is as crazy as it gets. In the form of a short series, Bwog has set out to find the best and worst spots on campus to consummate a relationship with consensual sex. In this edition, a Bwogger describes your new favorite spot: the terrace behind Mudd. 

It’s been a few weeks. You and your hunny are ready sprint past that third base and make a quick(ly) lubricated slide into the home plate. But you’re not just any couple; you take risks, think outside your dorm room the box. Well, let me tell you where all the hip kids are doing the dirty deed these days: the terrace behind Mudd.

If you haven’t yet been, I encourage anyone to try even for some solo practice. The vegetation is truly beautiful. Just so green, full of life, dare I say high on life? Alas, this is not why you are here. A student this year is using the terrace for an actual educational purpose by having a few beds of plants or something out there. What a perfect spot to do it! Lay down your darling on a bed of whatever plants are there (and hope to God they aren’t allergic because that’s a buzzkill and no one wants to catch anything while having sex.) The plants begin to hum the tune to “Let’s Get It On” and shit just turns magical. You have surely achieved the whole sex in a meadow fantasy. However, don’t get too comfy. The horrible breeze that makes the terrace freezing cold from October-March assures this will be a true quicky. After the love making, someone is probably sitting on the bucket waiting to pass some herbal delight to celebrate the beginning of your new, wild sex life.

Walking from the terrace with your arm over your now filthy significant other, you have never felt so close to nature in the ol’ Morningside Heights.

Basically like Mudd via Shutterstock