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Overheard: Family Affairs

Okay, I kind of get it

Okay, I kind of get it

A tipster on College Walk overheard this intriguing tidbit:

“No way! So, your uncle makes murder porn!?”

Bwog has two questions. First, what the fuck is murder porn (please DON’T answer that in the comments), and second, why would you let your niece/nephew know that?

Sexy murderer via Shutterstock

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  • Wait says:

    @Wait Bwog, you’ve never heard of murder porn? snuff films? It is /exactly/ what it sounds like, which is why I recommend you don’t google it.

  • Zach Hendrickson says:

    @Zach Hendrickson They were actually referring to true crime TV shows, dubbed “murder porn” by a recent South Park episode.

    Bwog apologizes for Bwog’s ignorance.

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