School Spirit So Rare It Needs a Hashtag

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CCSC and the other three undergrad councils will be releasing a collaborative video tonight at 8pm about how school spirited we all are here at Columbia. They couldn’t have nailed our spirit any harder. As you all know, our shuttles are packed every weekend to go see our outstanding f-word team. Almost every night there are at least a dozen students sprinting across college walk with big proud C’s across their chests. Needless to say, the blood that gushes out with our school spirit is blue.

If you didn’t think we had enough school spirit and the video isn’t enough, the councils have set up a brand spankin new hashtag for us to all use on all our tweets about all the tailgates happening on the steps of Low. Here it is: #OurBlue. Columbia seems to think all we do in between classes is utilize Columbia-centric hashtags, so this is sure to be the cat’s meow. #OurBlue will probably be trending in half an hour. It may be so big, we are afraid we may have blue ourselves. Also there will probably be free things. So there’s that.

From Ramis Wadood, CCSC ’16 President:

Our Blue is the banner title of a series of forthcoming events, videos, and giveaways that seek to raise spirit by celebrating the unique places where we find community at Columbia and showcasing the diversity of our student body. Our first video hopes to express our intentions of bringing together the variety of students and student groups under one banner: #OurBlue.

Watch the video here:

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  1. "Some say that Columbia has no spirit. We say that they’re not looking in the right places."  

    omg can someone please point me in the direction of the spirit I've been looking around for it for FOUR YEARS

  2. lol  

    if one more person says columbia is diverse i'm gonna vom. when 50% of your undergraduate population is paying $60,000 a year, that doesn't exactly scream representative.

    • Anonymous  

      To set facts straight, for a lot of us in the upper 50%, paying $60,000 is still a huge deal and means that our parents have to dig into their savings or we take loans. Fin aid is highly contingent upon the way your parents have their money saved as well and also isn't geographically sensitive. (If you are from NYC parents making 100k a year places you differently than it would in Georgia.) Coming here is a huge bet on my parents on me not screwing up the investment.

  3. student leader

    bwog is going to hell

  4. bad idea  

    this is not how you create school spirit by making some fancy video...ccsc wrong again. You make community and spirit and changing Lerner into an actual student center. Or throwing more events like Bacchanal.

    • True, but  

      I don't see you advocating for any of that at student council meetings. So maybe that is why those things don't happen. Because the student body doesn't really care if they happen or not.
      I guess I'm saying this because I'm in a student council and I don't feel like we do very much for our classes. But it is very rare occurrence for a student body member to pitch interesting, community building things to do.
      Tldr; we got the ca$h, but not the participation. Where you at?

    • CCSC Member  

      I hate the video, TBH. I do want to clarify that not all members of CCSC were behind this video. I mean, seriously? A video about Columbia only including student council members and bad acting. Nahhhhh. Not about it. This video is the exact opposite of what I think Columbia truly is. Just wanted to put that out there.

  5. Student Councils  

    "Let's try to increase school spirit by putting out a video claiming that we have school spirit. No one will notice the problem, right?"

  6. anon  

    Does anyone else notice how obvious it is that these kids are reading off a paper slightly off from the camera? Just watch their eyes.

  7. Anonymous  

    Once I was at a pep rally at Low plaza, and CCSC was holding a raffle. They ran through literally dozens of names, desperately attempting to give away this sweater because of the names they called, nobody showed up. #ourblueballs

  8. I'm Blue

    Da ba de da ba die (If I were green I would die If I were green I would die?) #fuckdartmouth #turnitblue #ourblue #ihaveabluehousewithabluewindow #ihaveagirlfri....waitigotocolumbia #areweevenblue?

  9. Anonymous  

    I'm proud that our student leaders could only find a single GSer to endorse this crap. Maybe some CC/SEAS students could try including us in "the social environment" rather than touting it from their swipe-locked dorms...

    • uhh  

      please relax. There were literally five different people in that video, one of them being GS. And yeah, that's seems easy enough. Hey you're 24 and just got back from the army? Wanna come underage drink with me and my just out of high school friends? I'm sure that would be a normal situation for everyone.

      GS students are so much more interesting than anybody else on our campus. All of our stories differ in the activities we did in high school while yours differ in what job you had or country you lived in before coming here. I'd love to have more GS friends but it's kind of an odd dynamic.

  10. Anyone

    Does anyone remember "I am Light Blue"? Of course you don't. It was in 2008.

    Let me help: http://bwog.com/?s=%22i+am+light+blue%22

    CCSC even moved its website over to www.iamlightblue.com (www.columbia.edu/cu/ccsc still forwards to that domain.) Eventually it was abandoned and taken over by a domain squatter of some sort. Now it's just a dead page. Good times! And that's just one example. I'm sure recent decades are littered with the remains of failed student-council led attempts to instill school spirit.

    The wheel turns. Nothing changes. Classic case of "If we say it, it will make it so." Treat the disease, not the symptoms. Help develop things to be proud of or celebrate as a community and you'll get your spirit.

  11. CC'14  

    this video is just a reminder of the amazing place that we're at. Yes Columbia is stressful. Yes it has it's flaws. Every college has its flaws. This video made you look at Columbia from the outside perspective. Think back to when you were all high school students choosing colleges. If you took a tour, you saw the beauty of campus, the diversity of passions and interests. That is what the video is about--to bring you back to that moment that made you fall in love with Columbia and to just appreciate it more often. That is how community is improved, the common unity of appreciation.

  12. Wait  

    Can someone tell me the library at 1:44?

    I don't actually want to study there, just want to take some selfies.


  13. lolol  

    lmao at :25. that's a real class happening for sure.

  14. Anonymous  

    I think a lot of it has to do with the football team and how athletics are set up. Taking a bus to the game? It's just not gonna want to make people want to go, especially cause our team is so terrible.

  15. choking

    on cheese

    this was a little too cornball. But i do appreciate the effort..

  16. Tobias  

    I just blue myself

  17. Anonymous

    wayyyy too much steadicam

  18. Derkard  

    I think I'd have taken the video more seriously if it hadn't been presented by people our grade pretty much identified as resume-fluffers.

  19. Lol

    Does anyone else notice that Sidd's wearing a CC 2013 sweater? But....that....

  20. Anonymous  

    this video is like the great California Adventure ride "soarin over california" except way less fun and sunny.

  21. I know what's wrong with this

    Its too much like a batman movie trailer! See 1) emotional music 2) zooming in on some nice sights 3) the FSAE scene with the car and the dude pulling a mask off.

    It makes it feel and sound like the first few seconds of this

    youtube (dot)com/watch?v=Zu8FvFezAI4

    it even has the music from this

    youtube (dot) com/watch?v=vak9ZLfhGnQ

  22. Blizzard witch  

    This is beautifully filmed, but void of all actual meaning. Like actually, all I got out of this was that CCSC isn't done with buzzwords yet. Honestly? Why can't columbians just admit that school spirit isn't all that important. I'd hate the atmosphere of big, peppy, unified school which is why I liked columbia in the first place. It doesn't mean we can't support others at the school, we just don't need it shoved in our faces.

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