CCSC and the other three undergrad councils will be releasing a collaborative video tonight at 8pm about how school spirited we all are here at Columbia. They couldn’t have nailed our spirit any harder. As you all know, our shuttles are packed every weekend to go see our outstanding f-word team. Almost every night there are at least a dozen students sprinting across college walk with big proud C’s across their chests. Needless to say, the blood that gushes out with our school spirit is blue.

If you didn’t think we had enough school spirit and the video isn’t enough, the councils have set up a brand spankin new hashtag for us to all use on all our tweets about all the tailgates happening on the steps of Low. Here it is: #OurBlue. Columbia seems to think all we do in between classes is utilize Columbia-centric hashtags, so this is sure to be the cat’s meow. #OurBlue will probably be trending in half an hour. It may be so big, we are afraid we may have blue ourselves. Also there will probably be free things. So there’s that.

From Ramis Wadood, CCSC ’16 President:

Our Blue is the banner title of a series of forthcoming events, videos, and giveaways that seek to raise spirit by celebrating the unique places where we find community at Columbia and showcasing the diversity of our student body. Our first video hopes to express our intentions of bringing together the variety of students and student groups under one banner: #OurBlue.

Watch the video here: