1. Anon  

    Those are really small balls. Just saying.

  2. Anonymous

    this is so heteronormative

  3. Anonymous  

    this is offensive

  4. Anonymous  

    The guys making it were kinda dicks... actually though.

  5. Making this sculpture  

    is kind of a dick move

  6. Anonymous

    matches nicely with the penis fountains on Low plaza

  7. Anonymous

    this would be perfect for a butler porno sequel

  8. Anonymous

    THIS is Our Blue

  9. Anonymous

    The office of vertical transportation has just announced that ladies must get a permit before riding

  10. No longer there

    My back got cold after lying there a long time. So I had to get up and move ):
    But it did feel nice while those nice boys were touching me (:

  11. Cocksicles!  

    Now THIS is what I came to Columbia for!

  12. Jaded Graduate Student

    You know, there's a lot of phalluses around campus... (especially with the fountains by Low.)

  13. Anonymous

    It's a little odd that their faces are blurred out but the giant penis isn't. I'm used to the other way around

  14. Anonymous

    Boo at whatever asshole destroyed it. Someone should coordinate with Public Safety to have a guard posted to such a campus treasure.

  15. "Bwog was luckily enough to receive this huge tip"  

    hahah I get it. Huge tip.

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