Community Forum on Sexual Violence Tomorrow

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1920623_10152044541058366_1618474320_nThe Coalition Against Sexual Violence will hold a community forum this Sunday in the Lerner Satow Room from 12 pm to 2 pm. The discussion will center around how we can change the culture surrounding rape and sexual assault on campus, and how Columbia can reform its policies and improve resources for victims of sexual violence. The discussion leaders have a list of policy proposals to be openly debated.

The forum’s leaders are urging participants to refrain from speaking in graphic detail about sexual assault to enable survivors to attend.

If you prefer to contribute to the conversation anonymously or can’t make it out tomorrow, the forum leaders have created a Google form so you can share your views.

The discussion leaders encourage participants to bring a laptop so you can follow along as the group collectively edits proposals.

This is an issue that affects our whole campus, so everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.


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