Field Notes: Losing Your V(ing) Card on VDay

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Looks just like 1020

Valentine’s Day Weekend: when you go as hard as possible to prove to everyone else that you are completely happy and completely alone. This year was no exception. So read these Field Notes, and just be thankful that we don’t go to some school where the bars close at like, midnight.


  • “1020 Valentine’s Night lol”
  • “Yaaahhhhh 1020 on Valentine’s day was hilarious/the greatest/amazing/perfection/lonely hearts fraternity/so much thirst/camaraderie”
  • “Watched a three-on-one fight at 1020 on Valentine’s Day. It was kind of awesome, but also scary. But also awesome.”

Bars That Are Not 1020

  • “The WBAR party @ Vareli was loud and crowded. Drinks were $7 apiece. I left after an hour because I can’t deal with parties where it’s impossible to actually talk to people.”
  • “Bwog ran into its Chem TA at a bar downtown on Valentine’s. Chem TA was there trying to pick up chicks.”
  • “At the Abbey, a guy sits down next to me and my friends, starts talking in a heavy accent about how he and his friends are from Israel, and asks ‘what do you do around here for fun?.’ We answer ‘basically nothing (please leave us alone).’ Then he drops the accent and tells us he’s “actually a stand-up comedian” and ‘goes on stage as that character.’ Then they all leave without finishing their drinks…
  • “Butler was poppin’. Not.”
  • “Friends went to ‘duh,’ the hottest new club in NYC, apparently.  There was a cocaine room. It was all very NYU.”

Westside, Which is Basically a Bar

  • “Westside was a madhouse around 7. People clogged the cheesecake and cold oatmeal aisle.”
  • “I also tried Westside’s cold oatmeal–peanut butter. Score.”
  • Lady at the checkout aisle: “You look young for that beer. ID?” I hand it over. “You straight up look fifteen. That’s some babyfaced bullshit.” Me: I’m sorry?

Those Sad/Weird Stories that You Love to Retell

  • “I got Snapchats the entire night from my state school friends getting wasted and felt so inadequate sitting alone in my room studying.”
  • “Ran into two of my friends on the street last night at like 1 am not wearing coats. Confused as to how they didn’t freeze to death.”
  • “I’m now in Butler but I just reached into my coat pocket and found a flask from last night. I feel weird about it….but also disappointed because it’s empty. “
  • “A friend of mine did coke Thursday, took a woman’s coat Friday, and got punched in the face and hospitalized Saturday. I ate a lot and went to Wbar, and it was sweaty, crowded, and expensive.”
  • “Thursday night got drunk and went to the chowdah/control top/fruit paunch roast of love and could only think about how bad I had to pee the whole time while trapped on the floor of the crowded Schapiro lounge.”
  • “I lost the fuck out of my Ving card.”
  • “My parents visited, so of course my floor reeked even more than usual of weed.”

 Those Upper West Side girls via ShutterStock

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