Field Notes: One Cookie to Rule Them All

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Carman Hall, it doesn't get better.

Carman Hall, it doesn’t get better.

This weekend seemed to be a little slow in the party department-sounds like the semester is starting to pick up steam. In our wait until Bacchanal/freedom from these oppressive chains, let’s take a look at what you Columbian’s get up to during the weekend in this week’s Field Notes. As always, send in your party stories to, you crazy kids.

“We are in Brooklyn about to see Slow Dakota!!!! We saw a girl in a blue leopard print fur coat. Bwog is a long way from home.”

“People on my floor are throwing a football in the hallway. A girl just mastered the spiral. I’m afraid to go to the bathroom.”

“Was drunk until 4pm today.”

“I watched frat boys play beer pong with Blue and White staffers and Postcrypt peeps. It was surprisingly hilarious.”

A haiku I wrote my sister, entitled Last Night:

I am drunk, so drunk
So very, very, very
Drunk. Fuck all of you.

Why is there vomit in the snow all around campus? What were you guys up to?

Tried to go to 1020 but I decided insomnia cookies were a better use of my calories.

So I totally went to a party at Barnard this weekend. It was a homie’s birthday and so somehow we were turning up in a lounge in sulz. Then we moved to like a piano lounge at the bottom of some other building. We moved because someone complained and after we moved the music was pretty quiet. The people I was with all wanted to dance but it just wouldn’t happen idk… Anyway there are more details but moral of the story is don’t party in Barnard, or do but be prepared to be disappointed.

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  1. Anonymous  

    that carman photo is unreal

  2. CARMAN 9  

    What bold, drunk visionary created this work of art?

  3. BC 17  

    why would anyone go to the barnard quad to party?

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