CUNIX Homepages That Remind Us Of Geocities, Pt. 2

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We only scratched the surface the last time it went digging around the CUNIX servers. Here are some more of your COMS W1004 homepages that remind us of the Internet’s early days.


Yes, this is an actual website someone made. No, we aren’t sure what it means either.

Bwog was eating and didn’t want to click on the videos, but if you do, be our guest.

Bwog checked the date at the bottom of this page, and it’s actually from the Geocities era.

Only one of the six companies listed is even remotely relevant today.

Aliens are using hats to control our money!

Justin Chun, king of animation.

Even Bwog’s fake from two years ago had a better picture.

Solid advice.

A thought-provoking analysis on High School Musical and the message it sends to teens.

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  1. I need to take down my page  

    Before I graduate and loss access to it. Also, before bwog gets to it, but I forgot how.

  2. Bob  

    I would just delete everything in the public_html folder.
    (The index.html file is the one that is columbia.edu/~uni, but any other html files there will still be there as columbia.edu/~uni/filename.html and need to be deleted too.)

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