Jazz House Gets the SIC in River

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The blue part is the new Jazz House.

The blue part is the new Jazz House.

Results are in, folks; Bwog has investigated and found out that the newest Special Interest Community at Columbia will be the Jazz House, according to the community’s housing coordinator.

This news comes after an application process that had six finalists. The Jazz House will be located in the first floor of River, and is the sixteenth group at Columbia to join the list of communities that live, breathe, and sleep with their special interest.

Full disclosure: Bwog applied to this SIC on a whim. Understandably, Columbia thought that creating beautiful music is a better use of dorm space than theorizing about PrezBo’s hair or aggregating pictures of squirrels. Our home will continue to be the SGO for one hour of Sundays.¬†Congratulations, Jazz House!

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  1. Dude  

    We're gonna smoke so much weed there

  2. Orli

    More like Jizz House.
    Too easy. Sorry

  3. Let's to Rage to Miles  

    And meet some Birds cause we cool cats!!!! ;)

  4. At long last!

    too bad after I graduated

  5. Miles Davis

    Motion to have all jungle juice served at parties here to be exclusively referred to as 'Bitches Brew.'

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