#throwbacchanal Update: The Chainsmokers Confirmed To Be Playing

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The Chainsmokers will be the kings of Bacchanal!

The Chainsmokers will be the kings of Bacchanal!

Spec just broke the news that DJ duo The Chainsmokers will be performing at this year’s Bacchanal, scheduled for April 12.  The news has been confirmed by the band’s management.  You can check out the group on SoundCloud if you haven’t heard of them before… and don’t worry because Bwog hasn’t either.  Bacchanal staff is definitely cooler than you.

If you’re curious about who else is playing (read: Lupe Fiasco?) check out Bwog’s analysis of the rumors going around.

Remember, Bacchanal is for CU students only, so though everyone their momma are going to want to be there, you’ll have break the tough news.

Lastly, for your enjoyment, here’s one delightfully hip track:

Chainsmoking DJs via SoundCloud

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  1. Anonymous  

    umm FUCK YES

  2. Anonymous  

    understandable that bwog would post that track but to those unfamiliar with the duo seriously check out their other songs before forming an opinion. they have a discography that's a lot more musically interesting/fun than "#selfie" (barf)

  3. Anonymous  

    SO EXCITED. for those that don't know, check out 'NONONO- Pumpin Blood (The Chainsmokers Remix)'.

  4. FUCK YEAH  

    can't wait for cu to turn fun for a day - the chainsmokers are fantastic you all better fucking dance!!!

  5. Okaaaaaay...  

    But what about Lupe Fiasco...can we confirm that already?

  6. I'd like to  

    #throwbach the chainsmokers. Who the hell are these guys?

  7. the diana  

    really embracing the festival edm huh

  8. Tastemaker  

    Okay... werk.

  9. Anonymous

    Obama used to chain smoke outside of FBH cafe

  10. One of the kids outside Avery

    Does this mean I can just get up there and play my uke and harmonica?

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